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Wo Kann Man Legal Windows 10 Kaufen

As a result, Lizengo was also targeted by the manufacturer of the distributed software, Microsoft. He checked the activation keys and found that they came from volume licenses in China and Bulgaria, for which Lizengo could not be the licensee, and filed a complaint against the distributor. The question of the legality of these transactions was again raised. Meanwhile, Lizengo is insolvent, as the operation of the store had to be interrupted due to the lack of legal certainty and the ongoing court decision. It is not known whether the trigger was licenses for Windows or Office. We PC manufacturers all have one thing in common. Everyone has already installed Windows 10 and then wondered: where can I get a key? If you check the prices at Microsoft itself, the joy of the new PC usually does not last long: 145 euros for Windows 10 Home and 259 euros for Windows 10 Pro Microsoft can pay for licenses. There are few alternatives. Although Linux is in principle suitable for gaming, it is far from being the ecosystem of choice. Alternatively, you simply cannot activate the installation of Windows, but you have to live with some restrictions.

To find out what`s behind the company with the incredibly cheap keys, we made a few purchases. We quickly filled the cart with five license keys from five dealers. These are the first five hits that eBay has displayed: 26.40 euros cost the complete equipment for a Windows family, paid on PayPal. The cheapest key costs 3.99 euros. The promised blitz worked: within seconds of placing the order, all merchants had updated the shipping status to “Shipped” and five messages landed in the eBay inbox, marked as “Order Question.” With speed, you can assume that a script processes commands without human intervention. System Builder or OEM versions of Windows are sold by Microsoft to system manufacturers through authorized intermediaries. These are manufacturers or retailers that sell PCs that come preconfigured with Windows preinstalled. However, the license agreement may state that support is provided through and not by Microsoft. But how do keys and licenses work for Windows 10? Microsoft developed the operating system and owns the copyright. Microsoft can now sell these rights in the form of usage rights, i.e. license them.

A licensee can therefore use Windows 10 legally. From a technical point of view, Microsoft implemented everything with a key system. To activate the operating system, you must enter a key, which is then validated by a Microsoft server; Windows 10 is then activated. you can also buy Windows 10 keys on eBay or other sites for little money? Are these original and legal codes that I can use? This mechanism is now also used by key resellers. In most cases, they do not sell a license, but only the key. Some openly admit this and write in small print that the buyer must already be in possession of a license. Others do not point it out, but avoid the word “license” in their descriptions and texts. This is where a certain grey area begins. With the keys, buyers can activate their Windows 10 installation, but do not hold a license from Microsoft in their hands. The dealers themselves should issue them on request and also prove that the operating system is not installed on any other computer.

However, they often can`t do this because a key is sold multiple times to different customers. Activation still works for the end customer – but it`s not legal. If you want to buy used licenses, there is unfortunately no universal trick to recognize legal offers. Common sense can help with selection: Granted, dealers can buy used licenses at low prices and sell them at Microsoft`s unit price – but at prices below $10, the likelihood is low that the business model will be legal. But even higher prices don`t guarantee authenticity. The good news is that Windows 10 runs for 30 days without restrictions and even after the 30 days have passed, these are rarely noticeable. However, this is only legal if you have a license. But even here there is good news: Windows 10 can be downloaded for free, the necessary media creation tool creates installation media on a (re)writable DVD or USB stick. You may need to make this USB flash drive bootable.

Then boot the computer from the created disk and follow the Windows installation routine. Change the boot order in the BIOS/UEFI of the motherboard. Consult the manual or, if necessary, contact an experienced friend or family member. We asked Microsoft and provided the keys. We wanted to know if they had been sold in Europe and put on the market without a data carrier, i.e. if the conditions of sale were met. If you want to be sure yourself, you can use the product identification service. The link can be found via ct.de/ynuf. However, it is not a Web service that provides an immediate response. You will receive an affidavit to complete and print as well as a mailing address. You send the signed document with the invoice and receive a response by e-mail or phone. With Windows 10 predecessors, a license for the current system can be purchased at a low price.

Get one if possible. Pay attention to offers from unknown dealers on the mentioned certificate or check the stores carefully for experience reports and complete information in the fingerprints. These include name, address, contact details, commercial register number and more. Pay attention to the latest reviews, check out particularly commendable users and their previous reviews. Also question bad reviews, especially if they are rare (“Prime order came a day late!”), for substance and traceability. For a final judgment on your part, look for patterns, such as multiple complaints from different people on the same topic. Microsoft doesn`t sell Windows 11 directly yet. With its predecessor, however, there is usually a free upgrade for compatible computers. In the US, at least, Microsoft has already started selling Windows 11 Home for $139 and Windows 11 Pro for $199.99 in download. But a cheap key can of course also work easily for years until the end of the period of use of the respective device.

If so, you`re in luck. However, buyers should not think that they are on the right side. Lizengo? They no longer exist xD Da habs searches etc. Since the poop was properly steaming, nothing legal. Where do you buy your software? If you want to pay less than the suggested retail price of 259 EUR, offers are guaranteed. But the fact that I can`t even save 50% on software is also clear to me:) describes the goods distributed as illegal. But for the past year, the prosecutor`s office has filed criminal charges not only against Lizengo itself, but also against thousands of buyers of low-cost licenses. The allegations are copyright infringement, data theft and money laundering.12.03.2021 If you buy via links in our articles, we receive a small commission. This has no influence on our editorial independence or on the purchase price. The business model of selling Windows keys at dumped prices via trading platforms without being able to provide proof of purchase is therefore not legal.

If a copyright infringement involves commercial activity, it may even be of interest to law enforcement authorities. Otherwise, the author`s civil actions are in any event admissible. Private users who “only” have Windows illegally on their computer do not have to worry about legal problems in practice. However, companies that have the idea of “laying off” Windows for 4 euros may encounter problems. The question remains why Windows doesn`t complain when activating. The sticking point, however, are the main dealers and a court decision from the year 2000. Resellers almost exclusively offer OEM keys, some even advertise them as such. They are allowed to do so because, depending on the decision, software can also be resold second-hand – contrary to Microsoft`s legal advice.

The keys come from different sources. On the one hand, they come from companies that use volume licensing. Along with their hardware, they also buy many OEM licenses that are simply not necessary. Another way is via older OEM PCs, which are also equipped with a license in most cases. Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 can also be upgraded to Windows 10. Companies sell these PCs in abundance every year. Behind closed doors, however, some key dealers have already confirmed to us in 2019 that many of these keys also come from the OEMs themselves.