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labomania : chemistry

Chemistry, my crush, has her own tantrums. You won’t understand or feel her till you visit the lab. The lab, OMG the most thrilling part of hers. Once I started going to the lab for my IJSO practice, I couldn’t resist myself now to stay away from it except when it was really necessary(lockdown for eg!) . Labomania is a chemistry club founded by me in my school for chemistry maniacs like me!! Apart from periodic quizes, we mainly explore the vast horizons of chemistry within the safety limits in the lab. Here is a part of  collection of results from the lab. Just relive the chemical charisma as you go down the page!

First lets start from biomolecules

orange colour formation in the benedict test of monosaccharides. Remember it? 

WOW! Red colour formation in Fehling test of monosaccharides

Wait this is the blue-black colour of iodized starch solution isn’t it? Well yes! Not very blue though but yet convincing.

What happens when you pour concentrated nitric acid on any protein? Yes, it turns yellow. Presenting the Xanthoprotic test.

Wanna test for proteins?


Meet Biuret test:Any protein containing solution+3ml of 5%NaOH+ 2 drops of 1% copper sulphate=pink/red/violet colour! 

Another Protein test!!

Notice the reddish pink droplets in Sudan test which confirm protein test


Synthesis time!!

On the top rack- Alum( yes phitkari!)

Below- the green crystals are of Trioxalateferratetrihydrate complex.

I always run into nostalgia when I see this photo. It was such a fun synthesizing those.

Oh! This is Heller’s test to detect albumin in urine. The white ring formed is just flawless, isn’t it?


I am a divalent anion, I give black precipitate with lead acetate solution?

Who am I?

Correct its sulphide.

See the violet colour of sodium nitroprusside. Sulphide confirmed!!

No guys, this is not Bruce Banner’s blood sample, it is the green colored chromium (III) solution that has just confirmed the presence of sulphite anion.

Yes!! My Favorite: the Brown ring  test

The ring formed is just excellent, isn’t it?

Just another view…..( cause this is my favourite one)

Pungent Brown coloured gas?

Of course, its Nitrogen dioxide.

Brilliant yellow colouredppt of lead iodide which just confirmed the presence of Pb(II)

Prussian Blue…. Now you have got it..

Fe(III) confirmed!!

Wait is that blood red? Yess, Iron (III) thiocynate

Again Fe(III) confirmed!

It is not liquid chocolate guys, don’t drink it… it is the Chocolate brown pptof cuprichexacyanoferrate

Cherry red ppt, I think you got it….yes

Correct its test of nickel!!  Dimethyl glyoxime is added

So although I had a lot more, I didn’t want to bore you a lot. Thank you . Happy Reading!!

Wait just a minute, although this is not the part of labomania, it’s a part of a time lapse video of me performing an elaborate experiment with my chemistry teachers. Just click the play button and relax, I will do the rest……..